As he participated in a free-flight championship in the mineral-waters resort of Cambuquira, in the South of Minas Gerais State (Brasil), the Sao Paulos´s Police Force Anti-Sequester UNIT Sheriff, José Eduardo Zappi, registered an unidentified flying object that appeared in the skies of the region.

original photo (reduced)

photo by José E. Zappi



Due to the great number of messages asking for more details about the image, we provide the following additional information: 

1 - The object did not make any sound. The distance between the object and the paraglider in relation to the camera was about 383 yards.

2 - The apparition lasted less than 30 seconds without any movement from the object. It appeared and disappeared in the same location. 

3 - The object appeared on 04.23.2006, during a paragliding championship at the summit of the Piripau Mountain, at almost 4,600 feet of altitude and 9.5 miles away from the city of Cambuquira, in the South of Minas Gerais, around 03:30 pm as people said, although the camera EXIF register 12:47:01h ( 0:47:01 pm).

4 - The apparition was discrete and very quick, as if the object had materialized in the air. There were about 200 people at the place and, although some did notice it, they did not pay attention since it was very quick. It looked like either a great flying bird or a distant airplane. The detailed photo was able to caught people's attention later on.

5 - The photo was taken by the wife of the Sao Paulo Anti-kidnapping Special Forces Commissioner's, Jose Eduardo Zappi, who appears in the photo flying his paraglider. A digital camera was used (Fuji Finepix S-7000). 

6 - If there were any lights or extreme brightness, they were not noticed, due to the rapidity of the phenomenon as well as the intense sun light on that day. 

7 - There is no record neither of the object being detected by any radar nor of any extraordinary facts at that moment or electromagnetic interferences in the region.

8 - This photo has been published with the purpose to provide strong evidence to serious UFO researchers. Therefore, I have no intention to convincing the public of either the existence of alien life or any similar facts.  

(Thanks to Mr Bertoni for translation)



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